Nature's Gift

Ionic Magnesium Chloride

Why do people use iMag ionic magnesium chloride to restore their whole-body magnesium levels faster than regular supplements?

Your body needs the ions

The point of taking a magnesium supplement is to get the magnesium ion: the lone, positively charged magnesium atom. Why? Because magnesium attached to other molecules can’t be used by our heart, brain, nerves, muscles, bones, skin, DNA, and functions like sleep or digestion.

Superior Bioavailability

A magnesium supplement’s stability constant tells us how easily our body extracts the magnesium ion. The lower the constant, the more easily we get the magnesium.

Magnesium chloride has the best possible stability constant: ZERO. This is because the magnesium and chloride are bound weakly. When you take it, your body gets the magnesium ion with ZERO work.

As a bonus, the chloride ions in these small MgCL molecules are also vital electrolytes that are needed in our blood, and are easily regulated.

Better for your body

iMag’s ionic magnesium has two advantages over supplements where the magnesium is attached to other molecules:

1. Magnesium ions can enter our system transdermally (via skin) thus avoiding the poor intestinal absorption of oral supplements.

2. Once in your system, magnesium ions can use your cells’ magnesium-selective ion channels to enter the body parts in need.

3. Your cells and body parts don’t need to separate the magnesium from the rest of the molecule in order to use it.

iMag’s liquid ionic magnesium simply has better absorption.


The iMag Difference