Changing Lives of All Ages

Changing Lives
of All Ages

Our first ever online client was also our first ever testimonial!

Virginia Corneau from Ontario

I was searching on the Internet for months for a Canadian distributor who carried a reputable magnesium product, when all of a sudden i found How on earth did I miss this website before? I was overjoyed and immediately made contact and purchased 4 bottles of iMag. We received the shipment of magnesium oil on a Friday afternoon.When we got it we immediately sprayed the oil on our arms and hands.

Wow! Wow! Wow! We liked the iMag very much.

It has a soft, silky, and smooth thin-like texture and within 5 minutes of the application, we immediately started to feel the results of a calm and relaxed feeling, and I noticed, I didn’t feel as much pain in my kidneys, and James had slept a little better that night.

The next morning, he applied 10 sprays of iMag all over my back, and again within 5 minutes, it provided relief from my lower back and shoulder pain. We also noticed we are a lot more calm and better focused on normal day to day activities that need to get accomplished.

We look forward to our chronic pain and symptoms continuing to improve as we keep using iMag! And we don’t think we could live a normal life again without magnesium chloride! For anyone out there looking for a solution to your chronic pain symptoms, we highly recommend trying iMag! You won’t be disappointed!

More Grateful People

Dave Watson & Mother

“Since using iMag my energy levels have increased significantly. My sleeping pattern has improved and I feel much more rested in the morning. I definitely do not feel 86 using this great product!”

M Watson.

“Not bad for 86!” – Dave


I have a nervous condition which requires me to take high doses of magnesium citrate supplements. They were helping a bit with my symptoms but every morning it felt like I took a heavy dose of laxative. I was introduced to iMag about five months ago. I couldn’t believe from the very first application on my skin the calm that it made me feel. Some of my main symptoms like my tingling in my fingers and toes, brain fog, numbness in my legs, and my tremors started to completely go away after using it for a month, and what I love about it is that it doesn’t feel like I’ve taken a laxative the night before and I don’t have to deal with that chalky taste in my mouth.

After learning about BPA and plastic chemicals it was nice to see it comes in a glass bottle. iMag has definitely made a big difference in my health and well being and I feel like I am dealing with people that really care about my health, which is why I have given my family and friends a bottle of this amazing mineral as well. They all highly recommend it, and so do I:)

Dan Rogers, Owner @ CrossFit Streets

I run a CrossFit gym that constantly presents new challenges, workouts, people to please, and long hours! After taking iMag for a few weeks. my energy is up, my focus is sharper, my digestion is improved… I just feel better overall and more capable to tackle the day. I use iMag every morning, and at this point I wouldn’t want to wake up without it!

Lyne Delage

Dear iMag,

Ever since I have discovered your product, my life has totally changed. I used to wake up in the morning with aches and pains and to be honest I rarely have any pain any more. As soon as I could feel a stiff ankle or knee during the day all it takes is a little push with this product and it works every time. I spoke about this product to my mother and my sister and they are just amazed!!!! My mother’s pain is fading incredibly and my sister is also using it on her grandson’s feet at night to help him sleep and it works wonders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you iMag for your product,

from a long lasting client, LYNE DELAGE, QUEBEC , CANADA

Steven D

I’m a 41 year old man and up until recently I thought I knew too much about health, the body and the best method to keep my body in a healthy state. I got an amazing rude awakening when I was introduced to Magnesium which has enhanced me physically and educationally. The best part is that my precious daughter Lilian has and will continue with God’s help to benefit from using Mag. Lillian is very active in dance, gymnastics, baseball and track and field so since she began using Mag she has more energy, almost zero aches and pains, sleeps beautifully and it gives me peace of mind knowing that her brain, heart and body are getting the most important nutrients for development.

Tomek Moniuszko

I’ve been playing soccer for the last 25 years ever since I was a kid in Poland. In the last 5 years, every time I played a match, it destroyed my body the following day. My knee and ankle joints felt the worst. After a friend who plays with us told me about how you need magnesium to get calcium into bones I did some research and realized I had many signs of magnesium deficiency. I thank my buddy every time I see him, because getting this magnesium oil was one of the best choices I made in the last few years. Joint pain and muscle soreness get better every single time I play. I’m hoping it will continue until they go away completely. For now, this stuff is working wonders and I must thank you guys for helping me feel young again.

Tim Nelson

I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for 10 years now and have seen supplement fads come and go, watching friends and colleagues pollute their systems with various blends of who knows what. Many supplements having an immediate stimulating effect, while creating further health problems down the road. It was only when I read up online about the benefits of Magnesium that I was convinced enough to supplement with iMag. I use iMag everyday with no negative side effects and have had countless health benefits. I am mentally sharper, sleep better, recover faster after workouts and have great energy levels throughout the day. With this being the only supplement I take and not changing any other factors in my diet or training regime, I can confidently say that iMag is the catalyst for these positive changes in my life!

Klementina & Helena

My daughter Helena used to have headaches that would last 2-3 days sometimes, especially when weather was changing, rain would make it worse.  Advil helped but she would have to take it every 4 hours for 3 days straight…

I don’t remember if it’s something I read or if my friend Tomek told me to try it but one night when she complained of a headache, I made her spray her whole body with my iMag and rub it in, while she was still a bit moist from the shower.

She felt better instantly, without a joke, it took 5 minutes…we tried it again and again and it worked like a charm every single time…

Since it can also be taken orally, I have been sneaking 18 pumps in her daily morning smoothies…and guess what…she has not complained about a headache since:)

Thank you!

Lucie Boulay

My name is Lucie Boulay. I live in the Eastern Township’s region of Quebec. I discovered magnesium products through one of my customers who asked me if I could procure such products. I did some research and I found imag, to whom I would like to say a very big Thank-you their customer service!  As soon as I started learning about these products, I wanted to know more and more about their benefits. I consulted the site which is very informative and contains a mountain of information. I immediately placed my first order and since starting to use magnesium chloride, the benefits never cease to surprise me. The product has positive effects on my general well- being. My family, my friends and my customers also use this product and they are all very satisfied. As for myself I use the magnesium before and after physical work and before my relaxation/meditation sessions. The magnesium helps me to relax and has eradicated my stiffness. “To try it is to adopt it”.

Alejandro Rivas

My name is Alejandro Rivas, I am from Venezuela and I am currently a soccer player of Toronto Skillz FC academy. My daily routine can be considered as a bit heavy since I work, study, workout, train with my team and play games as well. Especially in summer it’s heavier because I work in construction 10-12 hours a day to pay my tuition fee, which is as 3 times higher as an international student. I have to workout to be in the best shape, and I also have to practice and of course play games during the weekends, sometimes during the week as well, and those are the worst because I leave my house at 6am and come back at 1 am to wake up at 5:30am for work!. I was introduced to iMag during summer in one of our practices when we had health experts come by to give us tips and help us improve our fitness level and recovery. I was interested in it since I am studying Fitness and Health Promotion at Seneca. One day we had a contest about the importance of magnesium where we watched a video and answered a few questions. I won one of the bottles, but I did not use it because I wasn’t convinced I needed it until the end of the summer when my lower back started to bother me a lot, especially after soccer practices. After a couple weeks I remembered the bottle and to be honest I didn’t believe much about the magnesium effect, but I thought it was worth a try since I had nothing to lose As a result, after just 2-3 days using it, the spray was really effective and it did help me with my back problem and it did not bother me at all during my soccer practices nor after I finished. lf I have to say one thing is thank you iMag!!

Alex G

What impressed me most about the iMag was that I was already in great shape when I started using it, and I still felt noticeable improvements in the way I felt. I had been following the Innate Genius model for just under a year, and in that time, my whole life changed. Everybody at work commented on my progress at some point or other, especially regarding my weight loss and youthful appearance. And EVEN after such a massive improvement to my health, I was STILL able to feel better within days of using iMag. I noticed I was falling asleep easier and was more calm and level-headed at work. The other major bonus, is that I recover faster from my training sessions, which definitely helps because my mental focus is imperative for my work. If not for my experience, then at least for the fact that our bodies need magnesium for so many things, do I strongly urge anyone who cares about their well-being, to use this product.

Bob Becker with Paul in the background.

Paul Becker: Earthpulse Inventor

One of the most influential doctors of our time, Dr. Bob O. Becker, author of several ground breaking scientific books, was also a Nobel prize laureate for his research on the electric nature of human beings. Before he died, he met another special man, an inventor by the name of Paul Becker, who used early Russian and eastern European research findings to develop technology that allows people to accelerate their healing and boost their sleep with pulsed electromagnetic fields. The subsequent NASA research on PEMF therapy is nothing short of mind blowing. Paul’s PEMF devices are completely changing people’s lives. In fact, Dr. Bob Becker, in his later years after meeting Paul, was quoted thanking Paul for creating something that finally restored his sleep.

The Inventor Loves Our Product!

Well it just so happens that Paul Becker, is a fan of iMag. This is very special to us, considering that Paul’s life’s work is geared towards optimizing peoples’ health and performance! The best part: his devices increase human ability to make our energy molecule: ATP. And what does all ATP depend on? Magnesium! You can see a classic photo of Paul beside the late Dr. Bob Becker. Here is what Paul had to say in very few but meaningful words:

“Guys, I want to congratulate you on making such a great magnesium supplement! I add a bunch of sprays to my seltzer and juice cocktail 2x a day and usually put a spray on each side of my neck near the Jugular and rub it in. The purity of this stuff seems very, very good. I just added 3 squirts to my green tea, stirred it up and it didn’t change the taste at all. Great stuff! I’ll never be magnesium deficient again thanks to iMag. Thank you, Paul.”   Music to our ears!

Aized Sethna

“My mom is clumsy, and she’s always injuring herself around the house. A week before I got iMag, she had slipped and sprained her ankle which made walking or putting any pressure on that foot very painful. She would apply a few sprays of iMag on her ankle in the morning and at night. At first she complained about the tingling, but I told her that this was because her body was lacking magnesium! After 3 days, her ankle was fully healed! She’s never recovered so quickly, and we only have iMag to thank!”

Yaron Betan

Discovering iMag was critical for me and it came at the perfect time. My health was going downhill meanwhile I was working two jobs to support the family and doing film-making and production on the side. My doctor actually told me about magnesium and recommended some magnesium pills, which I started taking and felt no difference. Then a close buddy told me about magnesium deficiency and a documentary he wanted to make about it, and things just started clicking from there. I learned that magnesium deficiency is an epidemic and more importantly for me, that magnesium oxide doesn’t work as well. Then when I started using iMag along with some sea salt and potassium the doctor recommended, I started feeling better right away. Now it’s a normal part of my day, I used it several times a day and besides feeling more energized and healthy, I am able to stay focused and more resilient to my hectic lifestyle!

Joey Garisto

I am in the home stretch of my final year in high school. The most challenging year I have been faced with so far due to the academic and athletic performances my school requires me to achieve. The only thing between me and success was my lack of energy, muscle cramps, and stress levels. On a daily basis I am faced with both physical and mental barriers that take a toll on my body. With my magnesium deficiency and these daily struggles, my body was drained; causing me to miss out on practice and school. At first, to battle my deficiency, I took magnesium capsules, but nothing changed, I was still exhausted and weak. So, after a long period of time, I came upon this amazing solution called iMag. The results were phenomenal. Within a few weeks’ time, my muscle cramps went away and my energy levels increased, making it easier to reach my academic and athletic goals. Accompanied with this success was a decrease in stress because of the increase in efficiency in my daily routine. iMag has become a part of my lifestyle and I am really happy I found it. Thank you guys!

Fatima Sabri

“I’ve been using iMag Since February 2016. I haven’t had any serious health problems, but when I learned about magnesium deficiency I started taking it. I was surprised when I noticed a significant change in my everyday life. It has given me an energy boost, I’m able to function better and it just makes me feel a lot better. The great thing is it’s been easy to incorporate in my everyday life.”

Bharat Nayyar

I was going through a difficult time in life when I was introduced to this product. I had quit my job in Florida to come to Canada to keep my daughter company because she was enduring some troubles with children and family issues. I was always stressed and worried and feeling weak. I was also experiencing constant digestive problems and stomach aches, and I was regularly having heart burn after most of my meals. A friend of mine told me about this product iMag which helped her with her digestion, so I gave it a try. On the first day I immediately had relief from heart burn and I felt less blockage in my digestive area. Now after using this product daily I very rarely have the digestive problems I did before.

But the best reward from using this product is the energy. During such stressful times, I was feeling tired and waking up not rested. After a few days of having my morning water with iMag, my energy levels were much better and I can even say that I feel happier and my mood is generally better. This made me do more reading on magnesium and it become very obvious why it is helping me so much. We all need it! Thank you iMag!

Samantha R.

For the last two years I had been struggling with neuropathy and brain fog/ trouble concentrating due to a bad prescription side effect that caused systemic candida. These health issues left me with muscle atrophy (weakness) and pain and numbness in my extremities. After exhausting myself with research on how to alleviate these health issues naturally, I finally found that a common stressor was magnesium deficiency. After I started applying magnesium oil a few times daily I noticed the neuropathy symptoms disappeared, I finally had clarity of thought, and I was also sleeping better at night!… It also works on muscle cramps:) I honestly think the magnesium oil is one of THE most essential supplements everyone should be taking due to how deficient most of us are. The reason I love iMag magnesium oil is because it’s sourced sustainably from the Zechstein Sea, it comes in a glass bottle so no chance of chemicals leaching from plastic and it is a Canadian company! I highly recommend this product. With gratitude, Sam.

Gabriele Leclaire

I take iMag every night. It gives me a lot of relief from the pains from my osteoporosis, and the deep muscle aches from my fibromyalgia. It has made a big difference in how I feel every night, and I also noticed that it helps my entire body relax, especially my nerves, which has helped me fall asleep better, and feel a lot more rested in the morning. Thank you for this!

Sharifah S

I got iMag to help me relax before sleep because I was always working stressful shifts at the hospital and it was hard for me to unwind when I got home. The worst part was that I knew all the emfs from the hospital were messing with me, and this was making it hard for me to get the kind of sleep I used to as a kid… you know, when you wake up and feel refreshed and ready to go. The first night I used it, I had noticeably better sleep, and it continued to improve every day. But I also had another improvement that I am extremely grateful for. My time of the month always brought severe cramps that were very painful, and I noticed that their pain went down quite a bit, and even my complexion improved as a result. This got me to reading and I realized that I didn’t just buy a lotion to help me relax. I bought the mineral that humans need for life!

Dima Malishiv

I work crazy hours between a second job, and hit the weights regularly and play hockey. I know that I’m not giving my body the rest that it needs, and eventually I will have to fix this. It shows through in my energy at work and in the gym, and in the muscle cramps in my calves and toes that sometimes get so distracting I have to take a break from work. It took about a week for me to start feeling changes. Less muscle cramps and my mental focus at work is more smooth. My eye twitch finally went away after years of bugging me. Until I make the changes I need in my lifestyle, this so far definitely seems like the perfect tool to keep things at bay.

Elaine G

Thank you iMag for bringing this amazing product to our access!!

I have just joined a Tribe training class and a lot of concentration is on legs and arms. After my 1st week my quads felt so foreign and in pain. Besides the usual daily spray I thought if I applied right on my leg muscles… would it help?? After a hot shower I applied, and again in the AM…

Pain practically disappeared. You have found a fabulous natural way to remove the muscle pain so I can actually enjoy my class!!

Ryan Dougie

For the last year I have been working in a position that requires me to work shift work, anywhere from 7am to midnight. Having to work these rotational shifts every two weeks used to cause me to feel tired and at times restless. This summer my cousin Karen, introduced me to Magnesium. She swore by the benefits and how it has changed her life. She gave me a sample and I have been using this liquid magnesium with a few sprays on my arms and neck. I have noticed that my energy levels are much higher. I am more alert and focused at work and at bed time, and I feel much more rested after sleep. Using this magnesium supplement is fantastic and it has become a daily part of my life. To the iMag people, keep up the great work!

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